The average Canadian is 20 minutes away from their nearest emergency room, in many rural cases this can be well over an hour. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) affects 1 Canadian every 12 minutes, and each minute that goes by without CPR/AED use, the rate of survival goes down by 10 %. If an AED and CPR are used within the first 0-4 minutes, the patient’s survival rate can be as high as 80%. This is why Aim For Life has established Operation Heart Heal. Our mission is to provide as many Canadians as Possible with adequate First Aid, CPR & AED training. For every qualifying First Aid CPR/AED class, we donate an AED unit to that business or another organization in the community.

Our Mission

We provide first aid training to rural and northern communities. In our experience in paramedics as well as teaching first aid, we have noticed that there is a shortage of emergency medical services in such areas, as well as a lack of publically accessible AED units.

There are many areas that are without a hospital or other emergency medical services. In many of these cases, it is left up to local law enforcement or other members of the community who are first aid trained, if any. This was the motivation behind beginning our First Aid CPR/AED Training & AED Donation program.

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CPR Training

We provide Canadians with the skills and confidence they need in order to make a difference in an emergency. We Provide First Aid Training to individuals, organizations, families and more!

Event First Aid

We provide event First Aid services. We provided event first aid for many different events including Aboriginal Day at The Forks, Osborne Village Canada Day Street Fest, Graduation Ceremonies and more!