Make Heart-Healthy Living Your 2020 Resolution

heart healthy living heart smart foods

Start your new year off right! Give your heart a healthy start this year. Check out our quick guide on how to start living healthier for your heart!

Check out these heart-healthy tips to start keeping good care of your heart and overall health! 

  1. Start getting enough sleep.

Sleep is vital for good health and a happy heart. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and you’re not going too long without good quality sleep. 

  1. Include more foods for your heart.

It’s always a good idea to include more of these foods in general. However, here are a few that specifically help your heart! 

  • Fish high in omega 3’s, like salmon and tuna.
  • Berries
  • Dark green veggies like spinch, kale and bok choy. 
  •  Fruits and vegetables that are red, orange, and yellow such as tomatoes, oranges, and carrots.
  • Nuts 
  • Legumes 
  • Check out more information on heart-healthy eating here!
  1. Cut back on alcohol and smoking.

Alcohol and cigarettes not only have ingredients in them that can weaken and damage your heart, but these can add stress to your heart. Try to limit or quit these things to help lower your risk of heart disease and other severe illnesses. 

  1. Start making time to relax & reduce stress.

Stress can lead to many serious illnesses, and heart disease is no exception! Make sure to take time to relax and reduce stress. When we are under stress, it can weaken and damage our hearts, and it is vital to give ourselves time to de-stress and relax. 

For more information on how stress can impact your heart, click here.

  1. Exercise more! 

Exercise helps strengthen your heart, lungs, and your body as a whole. It’s essential to get at least 20 minutes of physical activity a day. Even something as simple as walking can help lower stress levels, improve your heart’s health and function, and help lower your risk for heart disease. 

You can see more information on these heart-healthy living tips and more here!